Monday, December 22, 2008

Peek a Boo!

Georgia is learning new things everyday, it amazes me how she wakes up and she learned a new "trick" to share with us. The other day Erica and I were at Busy Bees Playground (an indoor playground for little beans) and Georgia started playing peek a boo with another little boy there. Since then Trevor and I have been trying to capture it on tape. It seems that whenever the camera appears little Georgie stops.... But, we finally got it on tape.

Our Early Christmas Present

We have been anxiously waiting for the arrival of our newest family member for months now, and I know that no one is more excited than Chris and Taren! I know some of my "readers" have been waiting for news of baby Addison's arrival. I am very happy to say that baby Addison will be born tomorrow at 2:30 pm!!! I will post pics as soon as I can.

The next day....

She's here! Welcome baby Addison Annett. What a doll she is! Here is my first picture of my new little niece. Mom, Dad and baby are doing well. A six pounds 15 oz she is a tiny little thing! Jackson is adjusting well to his new sister and I am sure he will grow to love her even more with each day that passes.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Official "hello"

For months now we have thought Georgia was waving hello and goodbye but every time it turned out to be something else or she would do it once and never repeat it again... but, I have it on tape for all to see! Georgia OFFICIALLY waves hello and goodbye now :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our First Sleigh Ride!

The other night Trevor and I took Georgia out in the backyard for her first experience in a sled. It took at least 15 minutes to bundle her up. I laugh when I look at the pictures now, you would think we were going on a hike in Antarctica rather than our backyard!

Once we got outside, Denby went crazy barking, Trevor and I got cold (we were smart enough to dress her warmly, but we cant say the same for ourselves!) and Georgia got a very short sleigh ride.....

Happy HO HO Georgia!

Alisha was kind enough to take some pics of Georgia for our Christmas cards. Unfortunatley Georgia wasnt the most accomodating model but we still got some great photos!

Aunt Jodie also deserves a BIG thank you for finding this adorable outfit for the bean's pictures. We think Jodie is doing an excellent job at boosting Ontario's retail economy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Christmas Wish for my Girl

With Christmas just around the corner I am filled with excitement for our First Christmas with Georgia! I can hardly wait to fill her stocking, wrap her presents, dress her in holiday gear and tote her to all of the festive gatherings.

There was an article in Parenting magazine I was reading a few weeks ago about recognizing that not all Christmases' are festive and grand - and that sometimes, for some people the holidays are more of a hassle and stress than a happy occasion. The truth behind this article is really sad. I myself have experienced many Christmases' over the years that were wrought with stress and anxiety, but that never prevented the actual day from being any less exciting. It can be difficult to fit everything in that you want to over the Holiday season, especially with added pressure from work, children's activities etc. But when you break it all down, are we really a society that views too many festive events at once as a chore? If that were the case we would all hate Oktoberfest! If the worse thing that should happen to us over the holidays is that we have too many people to share wonderful presents with, or too many invites to handle - well then I would say things are pretty darn good.

So my wish for you Georgie girl, is that you always see each holiday as a blessing. That spending time with family is special, that each gift is recognized as a gift and not a privilege and most importantly, I hope you gain more joy from giving, than getting. As you grow older, I hope you will welcome the many invites that will surely come your way and appreciate all of the little things that make each holiday special (like your mother!).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Georgie in the Slammer????

Say it isn't so? Did Georgia conduct her first felony?????

Yes, its true! The other night Georgia and I were shopping at Old Navy, after browsing the store for awhile I took my purchases up to the cashier, paid and we left. Just as I was about to put Georgia in the car I couldn't help but notice that Georgia had also done some shopping! What was in her stroller you ask? A very cute hat and mitts set that apparently she decided she needed! So after taking a quick picture with my camera phone we promptly returned to Old Navy and returned Georgia's items.

I have saved the best little tidbit of info for the end - The hat and mittens set PERFECTLY matched her outfit! That's my girl :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Denby The Nanny Doodle & Georgia - New BFFs

A few months ago Denby really couldnt be bothered with Georgia which to be honest really surprised me. But just recently Denby and Georgia have been playing quite a bit together and Denby has finally realized that Georgia could just be her new BFF....

Happy 80th Great Grandpa!

This past weekend we took the bean to Ottawa to celebrate Grandpa's 80th Birthday. Erica, Cathie, Doug and I drove up on Thursday with Georgia and Taylor. Erica and I stayed at Andy & Cindy's and the boys drove up together on Friday. I wish I had thought to take a picture of Erica and I loading up the car. Travelling with 2 babies is no small feat, the car was packed full of baby stuff, we had so much that Cathie and Doug had to pack half of it in their car too! Thank goodness for grandparents that understand the need for a whole lot of stuff!

Andy and Cindy were gracious hosts, it was fun to spend time with them and get to know them a little better. Here is a few things that I learned:

1) Andy has been hiding his inner Martha for way to long - he makes cookies to die for!

2) Dryfus loves to play with my ankles, for such a large dog it is somewhat surprising that he managed to surprise me every time

3) Andy had turned Christmas lights into an art form. He changes them for every season (Trevor could learn a lot from Andy in this department, Trevor prefers to put them up, leave half of the bulbs empty and take them down in the summer after I have complained for 6 months....)

4) Andy and Cindy keep a very neat and tidy home - they could compete with my mother (the queen of Windex) for cleanliness

5) their TV plays the same things as our TV (baby Einstein and sports)

On Saturday we went to Arnprior to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. It was heartwarming to see all of the siblings working so hard to make the day extra special for their Dad. Over the years I have spent a great deal of time with this side of the family and I always look forward to each visit back. I have never been anywhere where I am made to feel so at home, so quickly. They always remember birthdays, anniversaries and would bend over backwards to help any of us. They are each unique but yet so similar in many ways, I truly am grateful to call each of them family.
Seeing Grandpa come into his party was one of my favourite moments of the day. He looked so happy to be there and so proud of all of his grandbabies and grandkids.

My favourite picture was the one of Georgia sleeping in her stroller. She wanted to stay awake the whole time at the party, but after making laps with stroller I finally got her to sleep!

An outfit too cute for the closet

I had to post this pic because the outfit is just too cute to keep to ourselves!

Shop till We Drop!

It is finally here! One of my favorite times of the year - SHOPPING SEASON!!! Or, as most of you likely call it "Christmas". All of the decorations are out in the stores, the parking lots at the malls are fuller, the Christmas Cd's have hit the shelves and Georgia and I have hit the stores. I have to say it is nice to have a partner this year to do my shopping with!

I can hardly wait to wrap Georgia's presents and place them under the tree. In the back of my mind, I know that she will not really be able to understand Christmas or to even open most of her presents, but that doesn't stop me from imaging our best Christmas yet - because we finally have something special to share the season with. I have already bought Georgia several things, all sense has left me, along with my best laid plans for staying on budget. The truth is that I have already given her almost everything that we bought (opps!) but, I do have plans on wrapping them all anyway.

This morning I was so excited to see my flyer's on the front porch just waiting for me like an early present. After eyeing all of the great deals, Georgia and I rushed out to the stores to make some of our shopping season purchases. We made it to all of the destinations that I had in mind and Georgia really did well staying awake and happy for the entire morning. But even the best shoppers need a nap every now and then! The poor bean literally shopped until she dropped!

So "Happy Shopping Season" to all of you - Let the fun begin!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Georgie's 1st Halloween

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, how can you not LOVE an event that is centred around candy and cute costumes? Trevor and I were so excited that we finally had a way to trick or treat again, we had visions of pillowcases full of candy and toting Georgia door to door... Unfortunately, everything didn't go as planned this year. Georgia came down with a cold so we decided to forgo the trick or treating and visited Jodie's and Erica's houses instead to show off our little skunk. But next year you can count on the Wheelers to be pounding the pavement in Baden, hunting down all of the best candy spots, with Georgia in tow of course! Hopefully by then I will be off my no fat no fun diet!
On a side note - are you asking yourself why Georgia has two costumes? Come on, did you really think I would ever be happy with just one? Truth be told, I actually have three costumes for her but she only fit into two.... oh well there is always next year :)

Little Bean's Halloween

Georgia had her very own Halloween Party with over 10 babies in attendence. It was great to see all of the itty bitty babies and some of the older ones play together! The guest list included; Taylor, Ben, Owen, Kyle, Cooper, Thomas, Julia, Victoria, Ross, Marissa and Ava (and their mommies too!)
Halloween Party Update - it turns out that my innocent little party started a terrible chain of cold among the babies, their siblings and the mommies and daddies! I hope they all forgive me in time to attend Georgias Chistmas party...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Swimming with Taylor

Erica and I have signed Taylor and Georgia up for Starfish swimming every Monday. It is great to have a cousin and sister in law to share these moments with!

Cathie came out and took some pics this past Monday, here are some of the pictures.

Look mom I can CRAWL!

Yesterday was a big day, all of the sudden my little baby was pulling herself up onto everything, and crashing to the ground after each attempt. Then this morning, I put Georgia down in the family room and she crawled over to me! I was so excited I called and emailed everyone to tell them the good news.

Here is a shot of Georgia's 2nd crawl (sorry Trev, I didn't quite get the first on camera...)

But then to be honest, as excited as I was, I couldnt help but to be sad (translation- burst into tears) that Georgia really isnt a baby anymore. She truly is a little toddler now...

PS - if you happen to catch the commentary in the video, it turns out that I didnt actually know what day it was.... Georgias first crawl was actually on Oct 29, not the 30th. But dont forget it was before my morning coffee :)

Gobble Gobble Georgie!

We spent thanksgiving weekend with lots of family, on Friday we celebrated over a fantastic dinner with Chad, Erica and Taylor. Then on Sunday we celebrated with my mom and family, then on Monday with Mary Cormier and ger family. What a weekend!

I wanted to post these pics of Georgia in her Thankgiving outfit from aunt Taren and of Georgia playing with her great nana and papa.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Roller Coaster Baby


Not Happy


Very Unhappy!

These days Georgia goes from happy to unhappy in seconds!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bringin Back My Booty!

Well, we are now are now at eight months and I have to come to the realization that you cant eat ice cream for nine months straight without consequences! So, this past week I started on a mission to bring back my booty!

So, for a few months I must say goodbye to moosetracks ice cream and hello to all things green (lettuce, broccoli etc.).

Why am I announcing it here? Well, mostly because once its out there, I simply cant go back! So, I hereby pronounce I am bringing back my booty, one salad at a time :) Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

End of Summer

This is a beautiful picture of Georgia that Trev and I took on one of the last nice days of the summer.

Monday, September 29, 2008

G-Bean Chronicles Fan Club

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the G-Bean Chronicles has a FAN club! Just this past weekend I ran into one of my fan. Well, the truth is, that it is really a "fan" club because I think I only have one.... But that is really all you need to start a club these days.

So, this entry is a shout out to my super fan - Kristie! My only wish is that I can inspire a poem from her without having to pee on the 427.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Where the Princess Sleeps

I have finally taken some pics of Georgia's room and I thought I would post them on here.

Happy Eight Months Georgia!

I can hardly believe it, in a few short weeks my little bean is turning 8 months old. Every day lately she has been learning something new or developing in some way. All of the sudden it feels like her growth is on fast forward! Am I strange to wish I could press pause until I am ready for the next step?

I decided to take some time and share some of the things I have learned about Georgia thus far:

- She loves being around people, big or small. She rarely plays strange (except for a few ppl, sorry Andrew and Mike!) and enjoys watching activity around her
- Georgia LOVES to hear herself talk (I am told she gets this from me, but I want to set the record straight that her father also loves to hear himself talk :)
- Georgia is the worlds biggest Daddy suck. She can be at her most fussiest moment and the minute she lays eyes on Trevor she is the happiest baby in Baden. Of course, I am sure Trevor wonders what I was complaining about when he called 5 minutes before....
- Georgia sleeps with her little blankie and her nuk. She rarely lets me rock her to sleep or cuddle with her, even at this age she is a very independent baby with very strong opinions.
- Georgia 's favourite toys are Sophie the Giraffe, rack-a-stack and her whoosit.
- Georgia has a very healthy appetite and loves to eat, her favourite foods so far are peas, frozen fruit in a net and mum mums.
- Georgia has a smile for everyone, literally every time I look at her she has a smile to share.

With only a few months to go until I go back to work, I intend on enjoying every minute with her. I genuinely believed that I would never have this opportunity to share these moments with a baby of our own, and it is everything i ever hoped and a whole lot more.

Jesus Loves Georgie

Georgia was baptized on August 24, 2008 surrounded by family, friends and her fabulous godparents Tristyn and Mike. Mary Cormier made most of the fabulous food and other guests were kind enough to bring appepetizers.

A special thank you to all of the guest that travelled from Ottawa (and surrounding areas!), friends and family that attended and of course to Tristyn and Mike for agreeing to be Georgia's godparents.