Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A complete 4-Wheeler

I cant even tell you how excited I am to have time again to dedicate to my blog. The past two years have been a whirlwind of excitement, laughter, growth, change, stress and chaos! I would exchange a moment of time in the past two years, but wish I had some time to capture all of the "moments" in my blog.

Trevor and I are very happily expecting another baby in January (more on that in a later post) and I have officially left work on maternity leave. So, with my new ipad and accompanying tools... I am very much looking forward to capturing all the moments that the next year will bring as we welcome our "fourth" wheel to the family!

Here is a recent picture of our growing family (not the best photo.... I am afraid getting photos of georgia is like capturing a fly in a jar)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One is Fun!

As promised, here are some pics from Georgia's big birthday bash at Busy Bee's. For this particular event G only had one costume to wear but I know my readers would be proud. She was decked head to toe in pink (Aunt Jodie was happy about that) with a gorgeous pink tutu, compliments of Grammie.
All of her pint sized friends attended the festivities, with the exception of Olivia who had a sick mommy. It was fun to have a "real" party for Georgia. Planning this party reminded me of Denby's birthday party, with the main exceptions being that this party was cheaper, less stressful and Georgia didn't run away to chase after a pig. I am afraid the tales of Denby's 1st Birthday bash will have to be saved for another blog, on another day...

Anyway, the party started out with some playtime. There were balls in a ball tub, a big bouncy thing and a whole whack of other little toys for kids of all ages. At 4 we served cake (check out picture below - the cake was made by Penny (thank you!) to look like Georgia). Unfortunatley Georgia did not want to try the cake at all.... but I have no doubt one day she will love cake!
Then we opened presents and the party wrapped up at 5. It was a great day!

Here is a collection of pictures generously taken by Cathie. It is so nice having a family member who loves to take pictures and keeps them. I have to say, I want to be a picture taker and I even carry my camera with me everywhere. But, I seldom take pictures and I seem to lose them all of the time. I guess it isn't in my makeup!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Georgia loves Daycare!

Making the transition from being at home to work has been difficult, I miss her every minute of everyday. But, what makes it easier is knowing how much Georgia loves being at daycare. As soon as we walk up to Michelle's door Georgia starts kicking her legs and babbling non-stop. It is obvious how much she loves to be around the other kids and she is learning in leaps and bounds since she started. If anything I am secretly saddened that she isn't sorry to see me leave!

Michelle was nice enough to pass along these pics of Georgia and Ruby at daycare. Here is the message from Michelle:

OMG is SO beautiful out out for a good hour walk and we did not want to come in for lunch:) Georgia fell asleep on Ruby's shoulder and then Ruby fell asleep...was SO cute!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thomas Loves Georgie!

Georgia has a playmate Thomas who at times is a little aggressive in his affection for her. They are just about the same age and the same size but when the two of them are together it really is something to watch! I think its puppy love already!

Confessions of a Shoe-a-holic

In an earlier somewhat tacky post I displayed my very much loved collection of shoes that Georgia owns. It looks like my love of shoes has passed onto Georgia already, one of her favourite things to do is dig through her shoe "basket" for goodies.
Juts this past month Georgia's feet have finally grown and we are into bigger shoes now (size 3), which means I really have to add to my collection!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The End of a Great Year

I feel so fortunate to have shared this year with my sister in law Erica and my little niece Taylor. We had the opportunity to experience the highs and lows of new motherhood together and more importantly we have been able to share the everyday moments. I will look back on our year together and cherish the long telephone conversations, the swimming lessons, play dates and the shopping trips. Erica was my first call whenever I was stressed, excited or trying to come up with a solution to a problem. Erica is an amazing mother, very nurturing and tuned into Taylor's needs. I have learned a lot about what it means to be a good mom from her and for that I am most grateful.

These are pics from our last visit to Busy Bees before Erica headed back to work. It was a bitter sweet day for all of us, the end of some really great times and the beginning of some new ones.

Life with Sick Georgie

Georgia was unfortunately sick with a cold for three consecutive months, with a few good days in between. I am not going to go into to much detail because no one wants to hear about all of the all-nighters we pulled, snotty noses, sick mommies or a whole lotta crying (by everyone!). This picture says it all....

P.S. at the time of this posting Georgia has been "sick-free" for three weeks!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baden Outlook's newest model

To celebrate Georgie's birthday we posted an ad in the Baden Outlook, our local paper. For all of my readers out of town (which I think is all but one of you...) here is the link - Georgia is on the last page.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Talking Georgia

Grandpa Doug was nice enough to put this together for the blog.

A little bit of mommy in there...

Ever since Georgia has been born we have all commented on how much Georgia is just like her dad. It was not just that she looked like him, but she also demonstrated a very laid back personality just like her dad. She was quite content to just go with the flow, as long as you let her jump in her jumperoo for a few hours a day, she was content to let me trot her around to every mall in the tri-cities area and all of my friends houses.

But, just these past few months I am starting to realize there is also a whole lot of mommy in her too. While she is still a very content baby, she also has a dramatic streak in her too. She loves to play for an audience and will often mimic whatever noises she is hearing. She is very outgoing with other adults and children and talks non-stop. She has even started to show a little bit of my temper lately too. If she wants something, she isn't as patient as she used to be. She wants it NOW! I love this about her, she isn't going to wait for life to come to her - my girl is going to go out and get it!

It is so hard to believe that in a few short weeks she will be 1 year old! Where has the time gone?"