Saturday, January 3, 2009

Georgia's First Christmas

Cousin Brooke, Taylor and Georgia in their new hockey hats (no icing was made in the making of these hats...)

Mommy, Aunt Erica, Taylor and Georgie

Grandpa opening Christmas gift from all of the kids (old and young!)

Grannie and Taylor

Georgie and her caggage patch kid Helena

Georgie, Grammie and uncle mama on Xmas morning

Shoe's from Daddy for Christmas, we trained him well!

Georgia and Jackson on Christmas morning opening Elmo Live

Georgia the "elf" on Christmas morning

Great Nana and Papa, and Denby at our house on Christmas Eve
Unfortunately it wouldn't be Christmas without bad weather!

Georgia and Great Grandpa Cinkant, here from Ottawa to spend the holidays with his "girls"

Everyone around the table on Christmas Eve

Georgia and mommy on Christmas Eve

My tree! Always an accomplishment :)

Georgia and Taylor in matching outfits (one of many...)

Table set for Christmas Eve dinner at our house. We each had a box at our place setting to share some Christmas best wishes with family around the table.

Georgia opening her gift from GM and GF, Mike and Tristyn

Georgia and Great Grannie Wheeler during visit with Jen Wheeler

Georgia and Daddy getting ready for Gran's annual open house party

Georgia's first Christmas was a very exciting time. As we made the rounds from one Christmas party to another, she was spoiled with love and gifts from her many doting aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, friends and other family members. Here are some of the highlights.

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